Packet Bunker Network

The Packet Bunker network is a fully autonomous network with N+1 redundnant 100Gbps Transit, Transport, and Peering links. The network is engineered for speed and reliablity. As an added security measure, the true location of the Packet Bunker datacenter is not public knowledge.

Packet Bunker Network Features


We operate our own network. The network AS number is 64122.


We have a huge network. All transit, transport and peering connections are 100Gbps in capacity.


We operate multiple 100Gbps links to major tier 1 transit providers to provide for the fastest speeds.


We operated multiple 100Gbps connections to major peering exchanges to provide the best connectivity.


The Packet Bunker network is supported by trained network staff members who care about speed and reliablity.


The Packet Bunker network is optimized for speed and reliablity for your web infrastructure.

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