Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page contains some the most frequently asked questions asked by our customers and potentials customers. If you have a question not listed on this page, please contact us and we will address your question immediately.

Where is your data center located ?

Packet Bunker does not disclose the physical location of our data center. This adds an additional physical layer of security for your web applications.

Do you offer custom server / hosting solutions ?

In addtion to the multiple standard dedicated and virtual servers offered on our site, Packet Bunker offer custom packages to match the exact needs of your web applications. Please contact our sales department with your needs.

How do you handle DMCA / Copyright complaints ?

Packet Bunker realizes that DMCA issues are very complicated. We do not get involved in DMCA disputes between our customers and third parties. We simply forward these issues directly to our customers and allow our customers to deal directly with third party.

Do you allow mass email / spamming ?

Packet Bunker does not allow mass email marketing or spam of any kind. Packet Bunker is not a "bulletproof" hosting provider.

Do you allow illegal activities / content ?

Packet Bunker does not allow illegal activities such as phishing / scanning / spoofing / hacking of any sort.

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