Packet Bunker Data Center

Packet Bunker operates its own private state of the art datacenter within continential Europe. The data center features N+1 redundant power and cooling and modern security systems. All servers operated with the datacenter are enterprise class rack mounted Supermicro servers giving Packet Bunker clients a reliable platform for their web infrastructure. Packet Bunker data center location is kept strictly secret for security reasons.

Packet Bunker Data Center Features

The Packet Bunker datacenter is a state of the art datacenter built with privacy in mind. It is a private high tech platform for your web infrastructure.

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Data Privacy

Data Privacy is a paramount concern for Packet Bunker. We know your web infrastructure demands privacy, and this is why we keep our data center location strictly private from all clients and vendors.

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Privately Owned

Packet Bunker is owned and operated by a private individuals and not by any public corporation or shareholders. This allows for us to keep your information strictly private from all outside parties.

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Top Tier Facility

The Packet Bunker data center is a state of the art facility with N+1 redundant power and cooling systems, deverse incoming fiber feeds, and state of the art physical security.

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